debridement Surgery

Wound Debridement Surgery is a process of treating a skin wound. The procedure involves cleaning the wound thoroughly by removing all the thickened skin or callus, infected and nonviable tissue and foreign debris along with the residue from the previous dressing. Debridement can be done either surgically or by other methods by using special dressing methods and gels.

The process of

Wound Debridement Surgery

Debridement is one of the important techniques followed to treat diabetic foot ulcers; this prevents aggravation of the wound and promotes healing.

The thickened skin or callus is removed surgically using a scalpel and special scissors.

The skin surrounding the wound, sore, ulcer is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

It is then thoroughly probed to determine its depth and to make sure no foreign object is present.

The calluses, infected and nonviable tissue is removed and the area is dressed properly after the ulcer /remains are washed out.

The procedure might take around 20 to 30 minutes and the patient can go back home after his appointment and come back for the next one.

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