Open Surgery for

Appendix Removal


What is open appendectomy?

Open surgery for appendix removal

The surgical removal of the appendix using an open approach in case of an inflammation, infection (appendicitis) is called appendectomy.

What is an appendix?

Appendix is an organ found usually below the right side of the belly button, it is a tube-like organ attached to the large intestine.

What are the symptoms of


Some of the common symptoms of appendicitis are:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, predominantly on the right side.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen while lifting something or while performing Jarring movements.
  • Sudden pain near the navel area, which gradually shifts to the lower right abdomen.
  • Low grade fever
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Rigid abdominal muscles

When should an individual consult a


If the individual has severe pain in the abdomen and there is a swelling, it might be a case of appendicitis and it is better to consult the doctor immediately and if any of the above mentioned symptoms are noticed then it is good to consult a doctor because appendix can rupture and further complicate the issue.

What are the avenues of treatments


Appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics, needle drainage surgery but these are proven to be effective in very few cases, most of the times doctors suggest operation.

How is the procedure

carried out?

The surgery is carried out under the influence of anesthesia and due to this the patient will not feel any pain because he/she would be asleep.

Before the commencement of the procedure the patient will be hooked on to an IV so that the necessary fluids can be supplied to the body during the procedure.

The procedure starts with the doctor making an incision on the lower right side of the abdomen; after making the way through the muscles in the abdominal cavity the appendix is located and removed. If the appendix has burst then the procedure allows the doctor to remove the damaged appendix and clean the abdominal cavity.

An open procedure is opted for by the doctor if the appendix has ruptured and there is pressing need to clean the abdominal cavity; otherwise the go to procedure for most doctors is Laparoscopic appendectomy.

How to prepare for the


If you have a prior medical condition and you are taking medicines prescribed by a doctor please make sure you inform the surgeon beforehand.

If you have a habit of smoking you will be advised to stop smoking a few weeks prior to the date of the operation as smoking may result in other complications or may cause infections resulting in failure of the procedure. Quitting smoking enhances the chances of success.

How is the road to recovery and

what to expect after surgery?

Since it’s an open procedure it’s going to take a longer time for the patient to make full recovery, when compared to a minimally invasive (Laparoscopic) procedure.

After the surgery temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and wound site are carefully monitored by the doctor to avoid any post-surgery complications.

Till the patient is in the hospital the patient will be given daily wound care and after his/her discharge they will be advised on wound care at home.

If the appendix had already perforated and was operated upon for this reason you might have to stay in the hospital for a day to be monitored for any other complications.

One might feel nauseated post-surgery, this might be due to anesthesia administered for the purpose of the surgery.

The patient will be required to visit the doctor 1 to 4 weeks from operation depending upon the condition of the patient.

The doctor might prescribe a small amount of narcotic pain medicine to relieve pain.

If the pain in the incisional area persists the doctor will advise bed rest for a week.

Post-surgery medication is given to you post discharge.

When to call a doctor if complications occur


If one feels nauseated, develops fever, bleeding occurs through the incisions, inability to urinate etc; under these circumstances it is better to get in touch with the doctor who performed the operation.

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